Eastern Field NYI Festival of Life

Qualifying events for 2019 include:

Painting (Acrylic, Oil, or Watercolor)
Drawing & Paints (Color Drawings are acceptable)
Still Photography
Sculpture (No kits or models permitted)

Men’s and Women’s Basketball
Men’s and Women’s Soccer
Women’s Volleyball
Digital Media
Table Tennis
Math/Science Quizzing
Ultimate Frisbee
Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Individual and Relay events (Exhibition Yr 2)

Group Puppetry
Interpretive Worship: Movement
Interpretive Worship: Spoken Word
Men’s and Women’s Vocal Solo
Keyboard Solo
Instrumental Solo
Instrumental Group (2-6)
Vocal Group (2-6)
Vocal Choir (7 or more)
Bands (an ensemble of two or more people featuring a combination of instrumentalists
[acoustic or amplified],vocalists and a sound engineer if amplification is used)
Group Drama
Creative Writing

Eastern Nazarene College. Quincy, MA

March 28-31, 2019


  • Ministry Director: Russell Tenney
  • Selected participants (9th-12th), youth spectators (8th-12th), and approved chaperones are required to register.
  • Cost per person is $355
  • Parents and other adult guests may purchase a pass for the 3 day event at Eastern Nazarene College.  All adults and student spectators below 9th grade must provide their own travel, food, and lodging arrangements.

Registration Links

***All 3 of these links must be completed for a registration to be considered complete. Registration,  Medical Release & at least a $100 deposit***