Like the Woman at the Well, we all want to have the Cup of Living Water that Jesus provides. 2016 could have been a great year or very challenging, but that same Living Water that Jesus provides is for all. Jeremiah 31:25 says that God will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.

As we worship, He renews us. His Word restores us. When we serve others, He changes us.

Join us at Lansdale Immanuel on Sunday, January 15th for an amazing time of Worship in music and hearing the Word of God . Then we’ll spend the night at Lansdale and Monday, January 16th (Martin Luther King Day), we’ll share the refreshing change that God has done on the inside of us outwardly in the Lansdale Community. Registration begins at 7pm Sunday night and the service begins approximately at 7:45pm. Monday morning, we will have breakfast and at 9am travel to our local service projects until 12:30 Monday afternoon.
The cost for Refresh is $10 per student.

Your youth leader/pastor must register your whole church before or on TBD in order to attend.

Worship. Renew. Serve.

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at if you have any questions!