Eastern Field NYI Festival of Life

Qualifying events for 2019 include:

Painting (Acrylic, Oil, or Watercolor)
Drawing & Paints (Color Drawings are acceptable)
Still Photography
Sculpture (No kits or models permitted)

Men’s and Women’s Basketball
Men’s and Women’s Soccer
Women’s Volleyball
Digital Media
Table Tennis
Math/Science Quizzing
Ultimate Frisbee
Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Individual and Relay events (Exhibition Yr 2)

Group Puppetry
Interpretive Worship: Movement
Interpretive Worship: Spoken Word
Men’s and Women’s Vocal Solo
Keyboard Solo
Instrumental Solo
Instrumental Group (2-6)
Vocal Group (2-6)
Vocal Choir (7 or more)
Bands (an ensemble of two or more people featuring a combination of instrumentalists
[acoustic or amplified],vocalists and a sound engineer if amplification is used)
Group Drama
Creative Writing

Eastern Nazarene College. Quincy, MA

March 28-31, 2020


  • Ministry Director: Jarrod Geistdorfer
  • Selected participants (9th-12th), youth spectators (8th-12th), and approved chaperones are required to register.
  • Cost per person is TBA
  • Parents and other adult guests may purchase a pass for the 3 day event at Eastern Nazarene College.  All adults and student spectators below 9th grade must provide their own travel, food, and lodging arrangements.

For all your 2020 FOL Field Forms, go to ENC’s document page.

You will find:

  • Judging Criteria
  • Scholarship Nominee Form
  • Copyright Auth. Form
  • Campus Info
  • Competition Guidebook
  • And More!

2019 Information

  • 2019 Rosters of Regional Qualifiers
  • 2019 Tentative Bus Schedule

Registration Links

***All 3 of these links must be completed for a registration to be considered complete. Registration,  Medical Release & at least a $100 deposit***